“This is such a beautiful, educational, and inspiring book of artists and nature that it is the perfect gift to give to yourself and to that special someone else who sees and creates with all of the gifts shared with us by mother nature. Nature, art, and color could be nominated as the three wonders of our lives. They inspire us, their spirituality gives us peace, they help us to create our own personal stories, and they are essential to us in every task and every enjoyment of our everyday. They can be seen everywhere but seldom shared and preserved so beautifully as on the pages of Create Naturally by Marcia Young.”

Jo Packham, Creator, Editor-in-Chief, Where Women Create & What Women Create magazines www.womencreate.com

“This is a remarkable book. The fifteen featured artists overflow with creativity, and they are generous in helping you follow their path. It’s simple: Just “Go Outside!” Just go outside and see for yourself what nature has on offer. Bugs, seeds, twigs, clouds, the whole universe waiting to morph into tapestries, sculptures, prints, dreamy robes for a cosmic life. Marcia Young has sought out artists with fresh vision. The running theme is “Look, touch, make,” and the message is “anyone can find the joy in nature and make it their own!”

Linda Ligon, Partner, Long Thread Media

“Art is where you make it. Create Naturally invites you to think creatively about how and where you might make nature art. The process is creative, playful, and a connection with the natural world. By rethinking our definitions of art we can find opportunities to be makers and to engage in joyous nature play everywhere!”

John Muir Laws, Naturalist, Artist, Educator, and Author: The Laws Guide to Nature Drawing and Journaling johnmuirlaws.com

“Walking while I wonder. Being in the present. Awareness in the natural world leads to gratitude. All comments gleaned from this wonder-ship book, Create Naturally. The book transports you through the lens of artists who are inspired by being immersed in nature. There they can enter the flow on which creativity depends. Time stops and allows inspiration to percolate up. Much akin to the Japanese term, shinrin-yoku, meaning forest bathing, this book can inspire one to access that imaginative spark that’s inside of each of us, if we take the time.”

Wen Redmond, Contemporary artist in fiber, photography, and mixed media wenredmond.com